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Oprah for President? She Won't Do It

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Arnold Schwarzenegger may still be mulling over a run on the governor’s mansion in California, but Oprah doesn’t have her eye on the White House.

“People say, ‘Never say never,'” said Winfrey, 49, making a whistle-stop in Seattle as part of her “Live Your Best Life Tour” sponsored by O, The Oprah Magazine.

But when it comes to politics, “I can say, ‘Never,'” the media mogul insists.

The comment came after one fan passed out bumper stickers promoting the idea of Oprah for President, the Associated Press reports.

Oprah’s tour commenced May 10 in St. Louis (Seattle was the second stop), and she’ll travel to Tampa and Philadelphia in late June. More than 2,700 attendees were on hand in Seattle over the weekend.

Her two-hour presentation, which costs $185 a ticket (and includes lunch and a gift bag), provides insights and anecdotes from her own life. This is then followed by an additional three hours of mingling with Oprah.

The presidential bumper stickers were the brainchild of hydrology engineer Doug Beyerlein, 52, and his wife, Joan, who sense a need to have Oprah running the country.

“I just don’t like what our current administration is doing, both domestically and overseas,” Beyerlein told AP. “I don’t care what party she runs for. … I’d be happy to vote for her regardless.”

At a minimum, he said, he hopes the very suggestion of having Winfrey run “will get people talking, bring up issues that need to be discussed.”

But, the news service goes on to note, the notion only gets Oprah to shake her head. She declined to discuss the current administration — “I don’t talk politics,” she declared — and has no interest in becoming a candidate.

Instead, she says, her next goal is to become an ambassador for the world’s children, especially orphans.