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One Last Thing with Emily Deschanel

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Frrank Micelotta/FOX/PictureGroup

Emily Deschanel, 36, hits a high note playing Dr. Temperance Brennan on the FOX series Bones. This week she chatted with PEOPLE about one last thing …

Last thing I indulged in
Oh, chocolate. For Easter I ordered these vegan, organic chocolate bunnies and eggs for a bunch of people, and I was the only one who ate them! I let myself eat too much, so I’m on the straight and narrow now.

Last song I sang out loud
We are always singing on the set. We once got into trouble for singing the whole soundtrack to Annie. I had [she sings] “We’re gonna rock down to Electric Avenue” in my head all day yesterday. It was my own little party for a while, and then [costar] David Boreanaz joined in.

Last time I cringed
I’ve been watching Homeland. There are definitely moments in that show where I’m like, “Don’t do that!”