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Olsens Unveil Back-to-School Fashion Line

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Before beginning their own back-to-school studies, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen unveiled their fall line of tween fashions (for ages 5 to 12) in Toronto, launching sales of their clothing at Wal-Mart stores throughout Canada.

“We just wanted to connect with everyone. I mean, to be honest, to be in some place like Wal-Mart where you can give your clothes to anyone, you know, and people can afford it,” Mary-Kate said, as quoted by the Canadian Press.

“They have the most amount of stores, so it’s more accessible,” Ashley (in a green blouse with a black skirt) added, as Mary-Kate (in a vintage black cocktail dress) noted, “That was really important to us.” The line is also available in the States.

It was a whirlwind trip up north for the 19-year-old twins, who revealed how fast on their feet they are when it comes to retail. “The clothes are so cute,” said Ashley. “On little kids … it’s so cute with accessories and little details.”

“I mean the skirt is very something we’d wear,” said Mary-Kate. “There are photos of us walking down the street wearing a (floral pink bohemian) skirt like that.”

As for their bobo “bohemian bourgeois” look, “Let’s be honest,” said Mary-Kate. “Kids don’t wear gowns.” Instead, their dust-catcher skirts and street-sweeping cardigans are “streetwear.”