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O.J.: He's 'Angry' at Dead Wife Nicole

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O.J. Simpson is again sparking outrage, this time for comments he’s made in a TV interview marking the upcoming June 12 10th anniversary of the double murder for which he was acquitted.

Speaking of his slain wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, “There are times I am angry at her,” the former football star, punctuating the remark with a laugh, said in comments to FOX News Channel interviewer Greta Van Susteren, who spoke to Simpson in a Miami hotel. The interview airs Monday.

“I am angry that she found herself hangin’ out with this group of – who are these people?” said Simpson, 56. “There are things that she could be doing with the kids better than I, you know? When, it’s emotional stuff, especially with my daughter, I am angry with her.”

Turning to his own activities, Simpson discussed an upcoming Punk’d-like reality show.

“It’s me doing gags as Juice … what they call ‘juicing’ people.” (Simpson’s nickname was earned during his career as a running back in the National Football League.) Ranking the show’s chances of being produced on a scale of one to 10, he said, “It’s seven or eight, that it’s gonna happen.”

Simpson also spoke of two current high-profile cases, Michael Jackson’s on child-molestation charges and Kobe Bryant’s for sexual assault. He said he thinks both men are innocent.

“I always thought Michael was asexual, personally,” said Simpson, “but I thought he was a guy that loved kids.” He added: “I think Michael is just an affectionate guy towards kids. I have never seen that side of his personality that I would think would molest kids.”

As for Bryant: “I think every high profile, and not high profile, athlete have found themselves in a situation like that before. I certainly have in my life.”

Fred Goldman, father of Nicole’s friend Ron Goldman (who also was slain on June 12, 1994), declined comment to New York’s Daily News about Simpson’s TV appearance. Nicole’s sister, Denise Brown, said: “He’s angry at her? That’s a typical (wife) batterer, who won’t take responsibility for his own actions.”