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'No Hands Ken' Is the Inspiring Quadriplegic Gamer Taking the Internet by Storm (VIDEO)

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Ken Worrall plays a lot of Diablo and Warcraft, two popular fantasy games with huge online communities. And he plays a lot on Twitch, which is an online service that lets players stream their games live to other online viewers.

None of that’s particularly exceptional. What is, though, is that Worrall’s handle on Twitch and Twitter, “No Hands Ken,” is a bit of self-ascribed dark humor. Worrall was injured in a construction accident 20 years ago that paralyzed him from the neck down. In the midst of a deep depression following his accident, he was introduced to Diablo by one of his nurses, who showed him a gadget that lets him control the game with just his mouth.

Worrall began playing the game quite a bit, and he has since achieved a measure of popularity on Twitch – the service recently made him a partner, which means that he’ll now receive a chunk of the revenue from the ads that play before his videos. Worrall is in the middle of a fundraising pledge to get him to Blizzcon, an annual games conference held by Blizzard, the makers of Diablo and Warcraft.

The video at the top here was made by Worrall’s son to help people get to know him better – click here if you’d like to help Worrall get to Blizzcon, and follow him on Twitch and Twitter.

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