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Drew Mackie
April 15, 2015 10:45 PM

Pedestrians in New York may have noticed a new street sign forbidding a certain form of human activity: catcalling.

The signs, some of which show a cat being beckoned by shouting stick figures, were created by Feminist Apparel, a nonprofit clothing company based in New York, in an effort to deter lewd, unwanted behavior directed at women walking through the city.

The signs started appearing in conjunction with the 2015 Anti-Street Harassment Week, April 12-18, a worldwide event during which participants are seeking to end “catcalls, sexist or sexual comments, homophobic and transphobic slurs, flashing, groping, stalking, and assault in public spaces,” according to the official website.

“It makes us feel less safe, it restricts where we go. IT MUST END,” the mission statement reads.

Feminist Apparel has been cataloguing appearances of the signs throughout New York.

Similar signs have also started appearing in Philadelphia and other cities.

The signs are the latest response in an ongoing dialogue about catcalling that has been happening across multiple media since last year, with performance artists, viral videos and even The Daily Show weighing in on the issue.

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