Alicia C. Dennis
May 29, 2014 03:45 PM

They’ve never had a waitress quite like this!

Niki Taylor helped Scott Connor ask his girlfriend, Jennifer Boucher, to marry him by bringing out their dessert – along with an engagement ring – at The Prime Rib in Philadelphia, where Boucher thought she was celebrating her birthday.

“So, the reason why I want to be part of an engagement,” Taylor, 39, says in a video of the proposal, “is that I get to be a part of this couple’s love story for the rest of their lives.”

Early in their relationship, Connor had asked Boucher who her favorite celebrity was, and she’d told him it was Taylor. So he reached out to the model and star of her own lifestyle series on the StyleHaul network – and was surprised when Taylor agreed to help.

The supermodel hid in the restaurant’s kitchen until it was time to bring out the dessert, and – after arriving at the couple’s table – placed the ring on a serving tray alongside the couple’s chocolate mousse pie.

“We’ve had our share of engagements,” Garth Weldon, managing partner at The Prime Rib, says in the video. “I don’t think we’ve ever had something on this scale before, where we’ve had a superstar model surprise the fiancée with the ring.”

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After her initial shock and surprise, Boucher said yes.

“I was very surprised,” she admits in the clip. “I was very shocked. I was overstimulated by both the proposal and meeting the celebrity I always wanted to meet.”


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