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Nicole Richie: No TV Wedding

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Nicole Richie is shooting down rumors that the fourth season of The Simple Life could focus on her upcoming wedding to fiancé Adam Goldstein.

“I would never put my own personal marriage (plans) on television,” Richie tells PEOPLE in its upcoming issue.

While FOX has said the fourth season of the reality show could center on Paris Hilton’s and Richie’s wedding preparations, Richie says she won’t agree to go along with it.

“The great thing about The Simple Life is that it’s a reality show but not based on my reality. It has nothing to do with my life or my home or my relationships or anything. I’m not open to anything like that.”

Last month, network executives confirmed The Simple Life will return for a fourth season starring Hilton and Richie, who are both under contract. During a press conference, Peter Liguori, president of FOX Entertainment, told reporters: “Given the fact that both Paris and Nicole are engaged and about to be married … there’s got to be something in that world.”

Although Richie and former pal Hilton have creative input on the show, Richie says she hasn’t heard from FOX executives yet.

This month a FOX rep told PEOPLE: “The concept is still under discussion.”