Michelle Tauber
June 18, 2008 04:00 PM

Flaunting her dainty baby bump on the cover of July’s Vogue, a radiant – Nicole Kidman, whose first child with husband Keith Urban is due this summer, says that “the whole experience” of pregnancy “is so primal.”

The Australian mom-to-be, who turns 41 on June 20, also opens up to the publication about her quiet new life with her country music star husband, 40.

“I’ve been in Tennessee, just sitting,” says the Oscar winner. “We have a farm there, and I have an organic vegetable garden. This is a path I’d not taken before. My mum’s always gardened. My sister gardens. And I’ve now conformed to the Kidman women’s hobby of gardening. ”

As for her new home, “There’s a softness to the Tennessee landscape that I just love. It’s very beautiful out there. We have deer and wild turkeys.”

Kidman, who has two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, also says that when she saw her baby for the first time on an ultrasound, “I started crying. I didn’t think I’d get to experience that in my lifetime.”

Unpredictable Nature

She adds, “I like the unpredictable nature of it. To feel life growing with you is something very, very special, and I’m going to embrace that completely. I don’t believe in flittering around the edges of things. You’re either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you’re going to be a voyeur. And I’m not a voyeur.”

These days, she and Urban are never apart for more than five days at a time. “I’m so committed to this relationship, and so is he,” she says. “I don’t have addiction problems, but love is a very powerful force in my life. It’s my fatal flaw and my virtue.”

Mostly, though, she says is still marveling at her newfound joy. “You can fight life,” she says. “You can wriggle and squirm and say, ‘This isn’t right.’ But I’m glad I’ve learned to let things flow. I’m now so much more capable of receiving love and giving it in a far different way. So to be given the blessing of a child at this stage of my life you just say, ‘Wow, this was meant to be.’ ”

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