Tim Nudd
November 12, 2007 03:10 PM

Video courtesy ABC
Nicole Kidman says it’s painful for a husband and wife to publicly reveal the struggles of their private life – but that she and Keith Urban are doing so to help others.

“Obviously, when your life has been scrutinized and written about, and people are aware of the most private parts of your life, it’s awkward to sit on TV and talk about that,” Kidman said Monday on Good Morning America. “But at the same time, there’s a lot of people that are struggling right now with addiction and with problems. And so part of what [Keith] has done is talked about some of our very, very private moments in an effort to reach out to people.”

The country singer entered rehab in October 2006, just four months into his marriage to the Oscar-winning actress. Since the 90-day stint ended, he has chosen to speak publicly about his experience several times – emphasizing that it saved his marriage, his career and possibly his life.

Kidman said her husband now wants to show others “that you can do the work and you can actually walk through it together – and I think never becoming arrogant in your love and staying humble, knowing that it’s something that you’ve really got to cherish.”

On a lighter note, Kidman also talked about other family dynamics, saying she’s “too shy” to sing in front of her husband and revealing that her daughter Isabella, 14, (with ex-husband Tom Cruise) is developing quite a rebellious streak – as evidenced by her funky new hairdo.

“I left her for a moment at the hairdresser, and came back and it was blue,” Kidman said of her daughter’s hair. “I’ve always kind of had a willful streak myself, so I actually like to have a daughter that’s got some willfulness.”

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