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This Just In: Newscasters Interview Their Younger Selves

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After 50 continuous years on TV screens, Barbara Walters is saying goodbye to broadcast news and The View. The 84-year-old announced her plans to retire from both her hosting and ABC News anchor posts in 2013. Friday afternoon’s episode of The View – the daytime talk show she started – will be Walters’s final sign off.

News anchors and talk show hosts across all channels are taking this moment to celebrate Walters and her groundbreaking career. To honor the TV veteran, we gathered famous figures from broadcast news and added a little Photoshop magic. Reunited with their younger selves, these talking heads are here to look back at news history and say “Goodnight and good luck!” to the influential Ms. Walters.

All illustrations by Tiffany Hagler-Geard and Linzi Silverman for

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters in 1968 and 2014
Always behind the desk, never behind the times.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper in 1972 and 2012
There was a time when even the legendary silver fox was just a tiny kit.

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer in 2012 and 1987
Sawyer is getting a few practice hugs in before she has to bid farewell to her inspirational ABC News cohort.

Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer in 2014 and 1993
Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Wherever the Fountain of Youth is, that’s where.

Katie Couric

Katie Couric in 1994 and 2014
Whether she is working day or night, Couric always has a smile to light up the room.

Connie Chung

Connie Chung in 1977 and 2014
Connie, Maury told us you were 67. Looking at these photos we’ve determined that is a lie.

Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw in 2013 and 1977
Brokaw beat Walters to retirement, but post-news life hasn’t kept him from looking sharp.

Dan Rather

Dan Rather in 2014 and 1982
For a man once tasked with filling Walter Cronkite’s seat, Rather looks rather care free.

Al Roker

Al Roker in 2014 and 1999
Sunny skies and slimmer figures, that’s what’s happening in Al Roker’s neck of the woods.

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