Stephen M. Silverman
January 08, 2004 10:00 AM

CLAIMED: Cameron Diaz, 31, says she is definitely not pressuring Justin Timberlake, 22, to settle down with her. “The truth is that if I wanted to be married with children right now, I would be married with children right now,” the “Charlie’s Angels” star tells February’s W magazine. “Everybody thinks that just because they might be searching for a person to spend the rest of their life with, I am. Why is it that with every actress in a relationship, it’s like, ‘Oh, well, you’re with that person because you want to get married and have a baby’?” As for the nine years between them, Diaz says: “It’s not like this is the first time in the history of human relationships that people were drawn to one another because of who they are, not what age they are.”

FETED: Oprah Winfrey plans a very public celebration for her 50th birthday on Jan. 29, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Included in the festivities, says the paper, is a special live broadcast from her Harpo Studios in the Windy City. From there, the media queen will apparently head to her Santa Barbara, Calif., ocean-front estate, where weekend party plans include an all-star bash.

QUOTED: “Lynne hit the roof.” — Jason Allen Alexander‘s mother, Doreen Seal, 45, to PEOPLE, on how Britney Spears‘s mother received the news that her daughter had married Seal’s son

FINALIZED: Harrison Ford, 61, and “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” screenwriter Melissa Mathison, 53, officially ended their marriage of nearly 20 years, according to court papers made public on Wednesday. A final decree in the uncontested divorce was entered on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the documents said. A spokeswoman for Ford, who last year told PEOPLE he was in love with Calista Flockhart, confirmed the divorce was final but had no further comment.

EXPANDED: Bravo TV’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” is being licensed by its NBC parent to more than 30 territories worldwide, says the Hollywood Reporter. The makeover show has been snapped up by networks in France, Australia and Spain — which also will produce their own local versions — as well as Finland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and throughout Latin America. U.K., Swedish, Danish and Norwegian versions have already been announced.

CRITICIZED: In a CBS “60 Minutes II” interview, Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall, 72, lights into director Steven Spielberg, 57, for visiting Cuba in November 2002. “Spielberg went down there recently and said, ‘The best seven hours I ever spent was actually with Fidel Castro.‘ Now, what I want to ask him … ‘Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust museum, or at least across the street, to honor the dead Cubans that Castro killed?'” The Associated Press reports that Spielberg’s spokesman, Marvin Levy, responded by issuing a statement saying the remark Duvall attributed to the director about his meeting with Castro is “totally false.” “He never said it, or anything like it,” Levy said, adding Spielberg’s trip to the Communist-ruled island had been authorized as a cultural exchange by the U.S. government.

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