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NEWS BRIEFS: Britney Dyes for Her Fans

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DYED: Britney Spears made her return to the stage Monday night at a concert in Miami Beach with a head of long brown locks, the New York Post reports. Spears was knocked out of commission last week when she injured herself during a performance on her Onyx Hotel Tour. When she made her way back to the stage Monday, gone was her head of platinum-blond hair — replaced instead by her more natural-looking brunette color.

CHARGED: Character actor Vincent Ford Jr., a.k.a. Keith Diamond, is reportedly in stable condition in a New York-area hospital after being shot three times by his father, Vincent Ford Sr., the Associated Press reports. The younger Ford was visiting his parents when his father walked into the kitchen where he was eating and shot him three times with a handgun. Diamond had appeared on “E.R.” and “The Drew Carey Show,” as well as in the recent film “Biker Boyz.” His father was arrested and charged with attempted murder. No motive for the shooting is known.

QUOTED: “This summer, Lollapalooza will embody the spirit of the Gypsy! Our buses of artisans … will spread the sense of exhilaration. The days and nights will be filled with mischief.” — Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell discussing the 2004 lineup for the summer tour, Billboard reports

ARGUED: A lawyer for Diana Ross is arguing against sending the Supreme diva to Arizona to serve out time from her 2002 drunk-driving conviction, AP reports. In February, Ross pleaded no contest to a charge stemming from her arrest outside of Tucson, and was ordered by an Arizona judge to spend 48 hours in jail. The matter appeared to be settled when Ross worked out a deal to serve time in a facility in Greenwich, Conn. Although she is reported to have spent 47 hours in the Connecticut jail, due to staffing issues she served it over three days and never stayed for at least 24 hours at any one time, as required by Arizona law. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Tucson.

REJECTED: A Supreme Court appeal for actor Woody Harrelson‘s dad has been dismissed by the justices who declined to hear his case. Charles Harrelson is serving a life sentence for the 1979 murder of U.S. District Judge John Wood. The elder Harrelson’s team claimed that his attorney did not adequately represent him during his original trial. The justices did not make any comment on the case.

DIED: British broadcaster Alistair Cooke died Monday at the age of 95, Reuters reports. Cooke, known for his radio series “Letter from America,” recently retired from the BBC, where his series had been broadcast for 58 years. Cooke was a renowned translator between British and American customs, explaining little-understood aspects of each culture to the other. He was also a well-known critic and television personality.