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Newlywed Star Jones Scolds View Cohosts

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Still basking in the glow of her weekend nuptials, Star Jones playfully scolded her View cohosts Tuesday for breaking several of her wedding “rules.”

“My cohosts, you guys, showed out,” Jones said, explaining that the term is a Southern saying for behaving badly.

The newlywed TV star was upset over a laundry list of no-nos committed by the ladies of The View during the carefully planned festivities. Among the offenses: Joy Behar didn’t stay in her seat during the ceremony, wore pants to the wedding and brought a camera, which was strictly forbidden.

“I could not believe that my cohost, not only did she bring a camera, but had the audacity to pull it out to take my picture,” said Jones, 42.

Behar was unruffled and said most of the shots were of View staff members and cohost Meredith Vieira.

“We were so confident that it would be your last wedding that we did not care,” said Vieira in defense of Behar.

The comment caused Jones to laugh uproariously and shout, “I hate these women and I love them!”

The worst offense however, was committed by the newest and youngest member of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who re-arranged the seating cards for the reception dinner. As a result, View producer Bill Getty was removed from his spot – chosen by Jones herself – at the head of the table. He was also forced to sit separately from his wife.

“Somebody moved Bill to the end of the table!” Jones said without naming names.

Hasselbeck denied moving Getty’s placement card herself, but admitted to starting a frenzy of card-moving, which led to Getty’s unseating.

“I’m sorry that I started all that,” she said. “I was the match that lit that fire, and I apologize.”

Both Jones and Getty accepted the ex-Survivor contestant’s apology.

Jones married Wall Street trader Al Reynolds, 34, last Saturday at a star-studded wedding. The guest list included Sen. Hillary Clinton, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Kim Cattrall, Natalie Cole, Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Ripa and Rick and Kathy Hilton.