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New Look Has Giuliani Winning By a Hair

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Sept. 11 hardly seemed like the time to mention it, especially in light of the fact that ex-New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was participating in services for the victims of a year ago.

But now, a few days later, several people are mentioning what they saw Wednesday, including Friday’s Washington Post — under a banner, “Atop Rudy’s Capital, a Shiny New Dome” — and the Associated Press, which ran with the headline, “Giuliani Gives Up Comb-Over.”

Yes, gone is the unkempt crown that made the former mayor, 58, look as if his role model were Zero Mostel in “The Producers.” Now, he’s affected a cleaner, statelier, more Stanley Tucci-like haircut.

The transformation occurred not because of New York’s gusty winds Wednesday that would have played havoc with his hair, but, said Giuliani’s spokeswoman, because his schedule was so heavily booked that he just didn’t have time to devote to the careful placement of his remaining brown strands.

“He liked the way it looked, (girlfriend) Judith (Nathan) liked the way it looked. A lot of people like the way it looks,” spokeswoman Sunny Mindel tells AP, without mentioning how, when, where or who performed the clip job.

No matter. The Post compared Giuliani favorably to Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Robert Duvall and Ed Harris, going so far as to state: “No longer resembling a door-to-door salesman, the former mayor is knocking on the door of handsome.”

Continuing the compliments, Adam Rapoport, a senior editor at GQ magazine, told the Long Island, N.Y., newspaper Newsday: “As a man, I applaud it because I think the comb-over is a bad move. This seems like a more honest hairdo, which is a good quality in a politician.”