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Kelli Bender
December 06, 2013 09:30 AM

Nelson Mandela’s positive influence on the world and the power of his sacrifices became a concentrated force on social networks just moments after the leader’s death on Thursday. Celebrities, dignitaries and everyday people signed on to Twitter to express their condolences and share how the ever-compassionate Mandela affected their lives.

More than 7.2 million tweets regarding Mandela’s passing have been posted on the social network since the news broke on Thursday, with a peak of 95,000 tweets a minute.

To give perspective on the size of this outpouring, San Francisco-based photographer Miguel Réos made a visualization of Mandela constructed from tweets sent out in response to the former South African President’s death. The piece includes tweets from around the world, with highlighted posts from Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Rihanna and other public figures.

Nelson Mandela Twitter piece made by Miguel Ramp#233;os
Courtesy Twitter

Mandela was 95 at the time of his death, but this impressive and heartfelt response shows he is man that will be remembered long beyond the years he lived.

To see an expanded view of Réos’s piece, visit his Flickr page.

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