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Natalie Portman Says She Likes 'Dirty Rap' Music

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What do you get when you let Jake Gyllenhaal interview Natalie Portman?

Interview magazine found out when they asked Gyllenhaal, who co-stars with Portman in this fall’s war drama Brothers, to ask about her favorite foods, music and frightening 80s cartoons.

Portman’s favorite food? “Well, I don’t think you can really improve upon Carvel ice cream cake,” she says in magazine’s September issue. Gyllenhaal shared that he is more of a Baskin-Robbins guy, partially because he had read that the Obamas shared their first kiss over 31 flavors.

Gyllenhaal then moved onto Portman’s favorite music, asking her, “What song best describes your current state?”

“I’ve mostly been listening to dirty rap lately. That’s sort of my scene,” she says. “Really, really obscene hip-hop. I love it so much. It makes me laugh and then it makes me want to dance.” (She then recited some X-rated lyrics from the Ying Yang Twins.)

The actor also found out what really scares Portman: Smurfs. “Because that bad guy, Gargamel, was so terrifying. I was scared of a lot of cartoons. I’m kind of wussy like that,” Portman explains.

Another confession – if she weren’t an actress, she would be qualified to be a bike messenger. “I can make chitchat, but not much else,” she says. “I’d basically have trouble with any job that doesn’t require me to wear silly clothes and talk in funny voices.”

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