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Marla Lehner
February 18, 2009 12:15 PM

Naomi Watts has said it’s easier being mom to a newborn the second time around – but the mother of two is still woozy from lack of sleep.

[I’m getting] no sleep – literally, because I’m feeding all through the night,” the actress, who gave birth to a son, Samuel, in December says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. “He’s still eating every three to four hours.”

Asked how she manages to stay alert, Watts, who is promoting her new movie, The International, says, “Oh, I’m not! I’m really never grounded these days. I feel like I’m always five steps behind.”

Plus, having a newborn and a toddler can complicate matters. Watts and boyfriend Liev Schreiber are also parents to a 1-year-old son, Alexander, whose nickname is Sasha. “What happens with the sleep deprivation your toddler regresses a little bit,” says Watts. “He knows that every time that Sammy cries he’s getting fed. He’s like, ‘Hey, what about me. Give me a bottle.’ ”

As for how Schreiber contributes to the parenting, Watts praises him as “a very hands on Dad.”

“He does [take care of] Sasha in the night, but he can’t do Sammy because I m breast-feeding.

Still, Watts says Schreiber has considered getting even closer to his kids. “With the first [baby], he was like, ‘I want the man boob,’ ” says Watts. “You can get those things. You can attach them and they feed through a tube. It’s to create the bonding experience.”

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