Stephen M. Silverman
February 12, 2002 11:00 AM

In the midst of her current invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against the British tabloid the Daily Mirror, supermodel Naomi Campbell submitted a 16-page written statement on Monday to London’s High Court, where she also appeared in person, reports Reuters. In her document, she acknowledges that she had used illegal drugs — a habit for which she had sought and received professional help. And on the stand, she admitted to having a fiery temper. Wearing a somber gray pants suit, white blouse, pink tie and black boots, Campbell, 31, said she anonymity was crucial at the sessions of Narcotics Anonymous that she attended for nearly a year. The Mirror a year ago had run a photo of her leaving one such session. “Anonymity is a very important factor in the recovery process for me because I feel that I am able to express myself and share my feelings and experiences with others,” she said in court. Asked by the attorney for the newspaper, “Would it be fair to say that your behavior is notorious?,” she replied, “Yes.” Pressing the matter further, the lawyer said, “By which I mean you have a reputation for tantrums?” “Yes,” she again replied. The case is expected to run through most of this week.

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