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Mystery Author Visits Queen

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What some writers will do for their work: A paraglider touched down at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, reportedly hoping to publicize his unpublished novel. Instead, says the Associated Press, he was immediately nabbed by Palace protection officials and turned over to London police, who are withholding information on the suspected flying trespasser. But a friend identified the intruder as Brett De La Mare, 36, of Darwin, Australia, whose manuscript “Canine Dawn” is a “sex, money and adventure'” novel, De La Mare says on his Web site, reports AP. To get it published, he notes, “I’m prepared to do whatever craziness it takes.” As soon as De La Mare, or whoever the paraglider was, entered the Palace’s flight path Thursday afternoon, he was shadowed by police helicopters. As it was, he wouldn’t have found anyone home. Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family were away at the time, said a spokesperson for the Windsors.