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When Kids Interview Muppets: 12 Adorable Questions, Answered


The Muppets reunite once more for Muppets Most Wanted (in theaters Friday). This new caper finds the group trekking across Europe, taking their show on the road as a Kermit imposter (a thief named Constantine) frames the group for his elaborate heists.

We figured if the Muppets can overcome an international crime spree, the fuzzy bunch can surely handle a few tough questions. So PEOPLE, working with the kind folks at Disney, offered 12 young Muppets fans the chance to ask their favorite furry friend absolutely anything that was on their mind. As you’ll see, both kids and Muppets say the darnedest things:

1. Elyse (Age 10)

2. Tyler (Age 5)

3. Lucas (Age 5)

4. Clay (Age 10)

5. Lexi (Age 10) & 6. Gabby (Age 9)

7. Sophia (Age 9)

8. Aria (Age 7)

8. Alyssa (Age 9)

10. Makayla (Age 9)

11. Morgan (Age 10)

12. Lydia (Age 9)

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The cast of <em>Muppets Most Wanted</em>

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