Jessica Wedemeyer
February 09, 2010 06:00 PM

She’s already been married to Vince Vaughn – albeit in a movie – so Malin Akerman knows the actor made the right decision when he wed real estate agent Kyla Weber in real life.

“We’re all in love with his wife,” Vaughn’s Couples Retreat costar tells PEOPLE. “She’s an amazing person.”

Akerman and the rest of the cast, which includes Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, and Jon Favreau, bonded with Vaughn’s future-bride while shooting the romantic comedy in Bora Bora, where many of the cast brought along their families and significant others to what Akerman described as a “big family event.”
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“Just watching them on set, they’re really lovely together,” says Akerman.

And unlike his bumbling character in Couples Retreat, Akerman, 31, feels Vaughn, 39, will make a “wonderful real husband.”

“The character in the film is a man who has a nine-to-five job, and Vince in his real life shoots a film for three months and then can take three months of,” she says. “So it’ll be different cause he will have more time to spend with his lovely wife.”

The Couples Retreat DVD arrives in stores Tuesday.

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