September 19, 1997 12:00 AM

Hollywood actress Rosemary DeCamp, 90, who was to motherhood what John Wayne was to the Old West, died in Los Angeles from pneumonia on Tuesday. Among the mothers she played in the 1940s were those of George M. Cohan (James Cagney) in “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” of George Gershwin in “Rhapsody in Blue” and of Mowgli in “The Jungle Book.” TV Land fans will remember her as Marlo Thomas’s stylish mom on “That Girl” (a role DeCamp played from 1966-71), while baby boomers with really great memories should recall her as the widowed sister of the leading character on the ’50s’ “The Bob Cummings Show.” In the 1949 movie version of the radio show “Life of Riley,” DeCamp played the wife of the leading character, which she assumed on the small screen in the early years of TV, when the sitcom first starred Jackie Gleason.

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