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10 Wonderfully Awkward Photos of Moms for Mother's Day

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Moms often seem to be the family unit’s designated archivist, ensuring that every moment is perfectly calculated, curated and carried out.

Which is why it’s so hilarious when a family portrait goes wrong. In honor of Mother’s Day, enjoy this selection of 10 of the best awkward mom photos from Awkward Family Photos, the Internet’s finest purveyors of embarrassing family pictures since 2009. (Looking for more awkward fun? Buy AFP’s book here.) And happy Mother’s Day!

And a very happy Mother’s Day to that bear as well. (Or else.)

Not actually staged in any way.

Words fail.

Here’s to Mom, who will love you no matter what ridiculous, regrettable thing you’ve done to your hair.

We’re really hoping they picked the kid’s outfit to match the beer can.

Honestly, “lots of cars, another baby, a new bush, a tiger and a treadmill” sounds like a pretty great set of presents, no matter the holiday.

“Save money by taking your pregnancy photos on this discarded set from Breaking Bad!”

Really seals in the flavor.

“This was a casual Saturday afternoon on our way to the mall,” writes the submitter, Haley. Just imagine what she did for the Jurassic Park premiere.

It’s like that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Junior, except with the genders switched and also she’s giving birth to a dolphin.

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