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Video Captures Mother with Alzheimer's Suddenly Remembering Her Daughter

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Not only did Georgia resident Kelly Gunderson witness a rare moment of lucidity in her Alzheimer’s-diagnosed mother, she just happened to capture it on video.

In the emotional clip, Gunderson lies in bed with her 87-year-old mother, who seems grateful for the company but confused as to who her daughter is. That is, until Gunderson asks, “But do you know who I am though?”

To Gunderson’s surprise, her mother answers, “Kelly.” She then continues, “Didn’t I name you Kelly? Well, I love you, Kelly.”

Gunderson titled the YouTube clip “God’s Gift,” but it’s also been her gift to the world, as it’s been viewed more than 1 million times since she put it up on August 29.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Gunderson explained further why the moment was surprising: “I am an identical twin, which makes it even more special,” she said.

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