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Monica Lewinsky -- The Documentary

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An emotional and sometimes tearful Monica Lewinsky met with TV reporters in Pasadena on Wednesday and, even laughing now and then, managed to promote the HBO documentary “Monica in Black and White,” about her affair with President Clinton, set to debut on March 3, reports the Associated Press. (HBO, like PEOPLE, is part of AOL Time Warner.) The show largely consists of Q&A sessions between the former White House intern, 28, and an audience of HBO staff and college students. According to the Associated Press, Lewinsky initiated the project and was paid for her participation, though at the press conference she would not reveal how much. She also could not answer certain questions — such as what she thinks of Monica Lewinsky jokes or of President Clinton today — because, she said, those will be answered on the program. She did say what she was up to these days, however. (The lid was blown off the scandal in 1998, and there’s been a lot of muddy water under the bridge since then.) Besides designing handbags, she’s also going to classes at New York’s Columbia University. As for what she perceives to be the biggest misconceptions about her, Lewinsky replied to reporters, according to the Associated Press: “That I sought this celebrity by seducing the President and going to the White House with an agenda and turning on him so all of this could happen, so I could enjoy it and cause trouble for this country and make millions of dollars and perpetuate my celebrity . . . And that I’m stupid.”