People Staff
June 08, 1999 12:00 AM

Look out, Calvin Klein. Miss Piggy has launched her own fragrance line, saying it has “a certain je ne sais moi” that makes her irresistible to a certain frog. Her limited edition perfume “Moi” may be just a dab on the wrist of the $6 billion U.S. fragrance industry, but for the porcine star of “The Muppet Show,” it’s serious business — and not strictly for material reasons. “When I’m wearing ‘Moi,’ Kermit finds me more attractive, more alluring than ever,” Miss Piggy said. “He just can’t keep his little flippers off me.”

  • Perfumers behind “Moi,” which hit Bloomingdale’s shelves last month for the holiday season, say it smells like “a bouquet of seductive flowers warmed with ‘come-hither’ notes of warm blonde woods.”

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