Lee County Sheriff's Office/AP
Ellen Tumposky
July 26, 2007 09:00 AM

Mindy McCready has been busted yet again.

The country music star, 31, was arrested Wednesday at Nashville International Airport on a charge of violating her probation, the Tennessean newspaper reports.

Deputy District Attorney Derek Smith told the paper that McCready broke the terms of her probation by being arrested last Saturday in Florida and by failing to tell probation officials about the arrest.

McCready had been charged with battery and resisting arrest when she allegedly scratched her mother’s face during a fracas at the family home in Fort Myers. (The sheriff’s office photo, from her arrest on July 21, shows a scratch on her nose.)

According to police reports obtained by the Tennessean, a female deputy tackled the singer – who, police were told, had been drinking – to the ground and placed on the handcuffs.

McCready, however, is quoted as saying that a family Scrabble game got out of hand and police overreacted. She also said she had her infant hand in her arms. (She has a 1-year-old son, Zander, from ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight.) McCready, whose biggest hit was “Guys Do It All the Time,” has had a string of problems with the law. She was found not guilty of a DUI charge last year but was found guilty of driving with a suspended license.

She was also sentenced to three years’ probation and community service in 2004 when she pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining the painkiller OxyContin from a Tennessee drugstore.

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