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Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger Isn't Giving Up on Love

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Kids and work tore Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger and her ex-fiancé Andy Friedman apart – but the two plan to remain friends because “there’s a strong bond there,” she tells PEOPLE.

“This is life. Life changes on a dime and it’s how you approach [it] with the positives versus the negatives. This could be a good thing,” says the Bravo star, 49, after announcing the couple had called off their engagement.

The source for the breakup, according to Stanger, was their different views about starting a family, along with her rigorous work schedule.

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“He agreed to have kids with me but when [my] show took off, he started feeling neglected,” she says about her beau of six years. “He still wants to work it out. He would love to give me a baby now but I don’t feel he wants children. I won’t force him.”

Calling them “better friends than lovers,” Stanger says she knew the relationship was over because “it stopped feeling right. I’m a gut person. I spent a lot of time evaluating this It was a long time coming.”

The reality star hasn’t given up her hopes of having children – “I am okay with adoption [but] I won’t adopt on my own,” she says – and she’s also optimistic about finding love again.

“I feel there is another man out there for me,” she says, adding that she’s looking for a businessman and will let family and friends do the matchmaking so she can avoid attracting “fame whores.”

Adds Stanger: “I’m single and you’ve got to get back on the horse. I know that if it happens for a reason, then the next person around the corner will be the one. You have to hold on and let the universe bring it back.”