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Miley Gets Support from Jonas Brothers

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Lester Cohen/WireImage

If Miley Cyrus is shaken over the recent candid photos that leaked online of her cuddling with a boy, the singer can count on her friends for support.

“We got her back and we love her to death,” Joe Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) said during a recent appearance on Yo on E!

Apart from being road partners, Jonas says his band is “good friends” with the teen star. And like Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers have built their career around a teen-friendly reputation.

So, how does Internet gossip affect a squeaky clean star? Jonas says the most important thing is how someone handles the negative attention.

“As much as they say no one’s perfect and everybody makes their mistakes, I think it’s the way you handle it and come out of it [in] the proper and respectful way,” he says.

When it comes to his own band, Jonas adds he has no dirt to dish – and no romantic prospects. Says Jonas of his dating life: “Not yet, unfortunately.”