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Miley Cyrus Is Happy Her Latest Single Is 'Angry'

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If Miley Cyrus sounds angry on her latest single and video, “7 Things,” that was her intention, says the teen sensation.

“The word ‘hate’ could describe how angry I am,” Cyrus told Ryan Seacrest Wednesday on his KIIS-FM radio show.

The song, in which Cyrus ticks off a list of things she hates in a boy she loves, was something that just poured out of the 15-year-old during a rare moment alone on her tour bus.

“[It goes] through all the different stages of what’s been going on the past couple years,” she said. “It was like a little therapy moment for me.”

Asked if worried about possibly offending a former boyfriend, Disney s Hannah Montana star proved undaunted.

“I want them to be upset. That was my point,” she said. “I was a little worried, but I’m excited that I just did it.”

Cyrus skirted around the topic of alleged ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas and insists that the song’s not about a specific person – such as a backup dancer she denies she is dating.

“No way,” she said of the dancer. “We’re all best friends, just really close and goofing around.”