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Watch: What's Michelle Obama Getting Barack for Christmas?

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The rules of being in a famous family are slightly different than being in a normal family. For example, on Christmas you or I might try to keep what we’re giving our loved ones a secret, so as to preserve the moment of surprise so crucial to the holiday.

However, Michelle Obama, as a famous person, is not bound by those conventions.

On a visit to the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 16, the First Lady was asked what present she was going to get the president for Christmas. Somewhat weirdly, she just went ahead and told everybody, despite knowing full well that spilling the beans to a room full of reporters and cameras would inevitably lead to her husband finding out exactly what he was getting for Christmas. Did she think her plea to not “put this in the papers” would work, or was she just hoping Barack would be too busy with Steve Harvey? He’s the Leader of the Free World, he’s going to find out.

So, if Barack Obama looks less ebullient than usual this Christmas, we will know why.

(Her answer, as it turned out, was exercise clothes, which is just a perfectly Michelle Obama gift.)

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