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Michelle Knight's Mother Speaks Out, Wants to Reunite

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Michelle Knight, one of the three women found in Cleveland after disappearing 10 years ago, hasn’t seen her mother since her rescue on Monday.

“I started crying and I was happy that they found her because I’ve been looking for her and I just don’t want her to think that I forgot about her,” Barbara Knight told Today‘s Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday of learning that her daughter had been found inside the home of alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro.

“I just wish my daughter would reach out and let me know that she’s there,” she added.

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While the other two abduction victims reunited with their families after being checked at the hospital, Knight’s situation is more complicated.

According to several media reports, the 4-foot-7-inch tall Knight, had some mental impairment before the ordeal.

“She had a mind of a child. She was slow,” cousin Brenda Dinickle tells CNN.

Then she may have been beaten while in captivity – she reportedly had hearing loss and damage to some of the bones in her face, Fox8 in Cleveland reports.

Knight remains in the hospital Wednesday, and was listed in good condition, according to The Plain Dealer.

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Strained Relationship

When Knight does leave the hospital, it’s unclear whether she will return to Barbara Knight, who admits that her relationship with her daughter Michelle was strained when she disappeared in August of 2002.

“The way I understood it by certain people, they told me that maybe she didn’t want [anything] to do with me,” Barbara said. “But still in my heart I thought, no, because I know my Michelle.”

According to Barbara, Michelle had lost custody of her son. NBC News reports she went missing the day of a schedule court appearance in the custody case. And police told Barbara, she said, that they believed she had left on her own accord.

“Because she was 20 they figured she just left because of the upset because of the baby and everything,” she said.

For 10 years, Barbara noted, she held out hope that her daughter would be found alive. “I had my doubts but then I looked on the bright side,” she said. “I prayed for some kind of thing to tell me at least if she’s alive or not.”

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Now, though their relationship was strained, Barbara hopes she and Michelle can reconcile and reunite.

“I love you and I missed you all this time,” Barbara said. “Hopefully, whatever happened between us, if something did, I hope it heals.”