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Michael Imperioli: Time is Right for Sopranos to End

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Fans may be mourning the imminent demise of The Sopranos, but Michael Imperioli says he’s ready for the show to end.

“I love the show,” Imperioli, 41, who plays Christopher Moltisanti on the HBO drama, told the Associated Press. “It’s going to be sad to leave it. [But] I think the timing is right to end it.”

Like castmate Steve Schirripa, who recently told PEOPLE about the changes in store for his character this season, Imperioli talked about Christopher’s future – but he wouldn’t give much away.

“I would like to end it in the psychiatric hospital with Uncle Junior,” he joked. “It’s probably gonna end, I would imagine, not the way people expect.”

It would be funny, he said, if Christopher’s late fiancée, Adriana La Cerva (Drea de Matteo), whom he had whacked after she turned FBI informant, came back for revenge.

“Maybe [she] comes from beyond the grave, makes him a zombie and brings him to the netherworld,” he said. “I don’t know, I always thought he could be killed by Adriana, but that’s not gonna happen.”

Imperioli said he hopes Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) doesn’t let his character become the mob boss.

“If it ends with me as the boss then what’s the point, it’s over, right? Then I don’t get to enjoy it,” he told the AP, laughing. “I know however it’s going to end, it’s going to be interesting and appropriate.”

Imperioli has been on the show since its first season in 1999, and won a best supporting actor Emmy in 2004.