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Melana Takes the Hunk on 'Average Joe'

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Melana Scantlin made her choice on Monday’s finale of the NBC hit “Average Joe” and — surprise! — she chose the good-looking Jason over the definitely average-looking (but financially well off) Adam.

Scantlin, 26, a former cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs who has her eye on showbiz, weeded out 15 other ordinary-looking suitors. On Monday’s two-hour wrap-up, she selected Jason Peoples, 27, a college student and waiter from California, to win her love.

Peoples was one of a handful of good-looking men brought in during the course of the show to compete with the less hunky contestants for Scantlin’s affection.

This all left Adam Mesh, 28, the rich if slightly goofy Wall Street trader, in the cold — or, as generally happens on these types of reality shows, receiving a cheerful goodbye before heading off in a private jet, so the newly minted lovers can bill and coo.

“When I look at you I see a future with you … and I’m excited about that,” Scantlin told a shocked-looking Peoples. (Earlier, she said of Peoples on the show, “He’s not only gorgeous, he’s very sincere.”)

“I’m really excited to spend more time with you,” Peoples replied. “I think you’re amazing.”

As for what Scantlin told Mesh: “Tonight the romance has to end.” And so it did — for him.

The next incarnation of “Average Joe,” which was taped in Hawaii, is set to debut Jan. 5.