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Mel Prepares to Take on Warrior Queen

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Mel Gibson has announced his next movie project, and controversy is again assured.

This time, the Passion of the Christ and Braveheart filmmaker will focus on Britain’s warrior queen Boudicca for a movie called Warrior, reports Reuters, explaining the leader spurred her subjects to rebel against their Roman occupiers in A.D. 60-62.

Boudicca, also known also as Boudica and Boadicea (the name translates to “Victory”), has become a hot screen property – with no fewer than four scripts about her in the works, among them DreamWorks’ Queen Fury.

Feminists adore Boudicca, while historians are still debating her.

“Take any figure where there’s been emotional investment and you’re going to annoy someone,” folklorist Dr Juliette Wood tells Reuters. “We know so little about her and yet she has been turned into a meta-historical icon.”

Like Gibson’s Braveheart, about the Scottish rebel (who was disemboweled), and “Passion” (whose hero was crucified), Boudicca’s story is mired in blood.

Having been flogged for challenging Britain’s Roman occupiers and having witnessed the rape of her two daughters, she wrought bloody revenge on the Roman town of Colchester. Her forces are said to have cut off the breasts of Roman women and stuffed them in the victims’ mouths.

No start date or casting for the film has been announced.