Stephen M. Silverman
March 04, 2005 05:00 PM

It took a jury of seven men and five women in Southern California less than three hours on Friday to find an Idaho drifter who sought to pray with Mel Gibson guilty of felony stalking.

Zack Sinclair, 34, who represented himself at trial all week, faces up to 16 months in prison, reports the Associated Press.

On Thursday, Gibson, 49, took the stand and told jurors he feared for his family’s safety because Sinclair “doesn’t appear to know his boundaries.”

In September, Gibson testified, Sinclair showed up at a chapel where Gibson attends services – and appeared within a few inches of the actor’s face and said, “Hi, I’m here to pray with you.”

Sinclair “wasn’t scary or overtly threatening. I found it odd someone would not have a sense of personal boundary, and whether or not they were welcome,” said the Passion of the Christ filmmaker.

“My wife was upset and worried. She didn’t want to find him in the living room drinking tea,” Gibson testified, adding that he signed papers approving a restraining order against Sinclair to “decrease stress on my wife and, therefore, me because, these things can run downhill.”

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