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Maury Povich Seeks Dismissal of Sex Case

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Talk-show host Maury Povich has asked a court to dismiss the $100 million sex harassment lawsuit filed against him and members of his staff by Maury Povich Show producer Bianca Nardi.

Povich is also asking that Nardi be forced to arbitrate the dispute, the Associated Press reports.

In a legal complaint filed April 24, Nardi, 28, accuses some of her supervisors at the show of forcing her to watch porn, wear revealing clothes and endure a barrage of sexual remarks.

She also says that her workload was unfairly heavy because she had to do the work of producer Donna Benner Ingber, who Nardi claims was having an “intimate and sexual relationship” with Povich.

Povich, 67, has been married to veteran TV news anchor Connie Chung, 59, for 22 years.

Elisabeth C. Yap, a lawyer for Maury producer NBC Universal, which is also named in the lawsuit, said in an affidavit Monday that Nardi’s contract requires her to arbitrate any discrimination or harassment claims.

Nardi’s lawyer, Bruce Baron, said Thursday he found it “ironic and suspect” that an innocent person “would not embrace the opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law as opposed to bobbing and weaving and looking to silence this in some back room.”

Last month at a Washington, D.C., event, Povich and Chung made their first public appearance together since the suit was filed. Povich said at the time, “We will defend this lawsuit vigorously. And that is all I’m going to say.”