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Mike Fleeman
July 24, 2007 07:00 PM

Matt Leinart tells PEOPLE he’s sought to spend more time with his 9-month-old son by ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron, even seeking the help of the courts.

“I love Cole more than anything or anyone,” the Arizona Cardinals quarterback said in an exclusive statement. “I also really care about his mom and would never say anything disparaging about her. I want to help him experience life’s lessons that were taught to me by my mom and dad.”

Cameron has criticized Leinart’s parenting. She told the Ventura County Star that she often reads that Leinart says he loves being a dad, but that she in fact spends “99.9 pecent of the time” with Cole and that “it’s been hard when I’m doing all the work, but he gets all the credit.”

But Leinart says that is not the entire story.

“Regardless of the allegations made, I have gone to great lengths to increase my custodial time with Cole,” he says. “This includes seeking intervention from the family law court.”

He did not elaborate on the court activity.

“I don’t know if Cole’s mother is motivated by anger or by financial gain,” he adds, “but it is my sincere hope that one day we will be able to effectively co-parent our son who we both love very much.”

• Reporting by AMY KEITH

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