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Matt LeBlanc Cool with Staying Friendly

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Don’t wave goodbye to Joey Tribbianni just yet.

Joey’s alter ego, “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc, is telling reporters that he could contemplate a spinoff series revolving around his character once “Friends” ends its nine-year run on NBC next May.

“There could be six spinoffs,” LeBlanc, 35, told TV’s “Extra” in an interview that aired Monday. “I would consider it.”

As he also told “If it was done correctly and the idea was right, and I trusted the writers and the people running the show, the show runners, absolutely I would consider it,” says LeBlanc. “It allows me to have dinner with my family every night, it allows me to sleep in my own bed every night, I can see my dogs, I can drive my own car. You have some semblance of a real life.”

LeBlanc is on the promotional trail for his new movie, “All the Queen’s Men,” opening Oct. 25. In it, he plays the leader of a mismatched team of British secret service agents, including Eddie Izzard, who dresses in drag in order to infiltrate a German factory run by women.

LeBlanc also dons a dress for the flick, he said, which meant shaving his legs and chest and sporting lipstick. “I was very reluctant to get into drag,” he told “Extra,” also confirming that he and longtime girlfriend Melissa McKnight will marry sometime in the near future, though not by Christmas, he said when pressed for a date.