Janet Mayer/Splash News Online
Stephen M. Silverman
September 23, 2009 08:30 AM

He may play an enigma in his latest movie The Informant!, but Matt Damon knows how to keep his personal message clear – and put his money where his mouth is.

The star, 38, announced Tuesday at the launch of the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative that Damon’s non-profit group, Water.org, would help provide clean water and sanitation facilities to 50,000 people in Haiti, reports Tonic.com.

To make that happen, “Water.org will deliver at least $2 million to fund this commitment,” Damon is quoted as saying.

The project, nicknamed “Haiti Challenge,” is officially titled “Safe Water and Sanitation For the People of Haiti” and is to be additionally funded by the EKTA Foundation, whose purpose is world solidarity, and the public, through Water.org’s Haiti Challenge Web site.

Addressing the world leaders gathered by former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday, where President Barack Obama also appeared, Damon said, “We want to challenge everyone here in this room tonight to support this commitment to the people of Haiti by visiting Water.org.”

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