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INFOGRAPHIC: Eye-Popping Celebrity Paychecks (What If You Made $150,000 a Second?!)

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Michael Tran/FilmMagic

They’ve got the looks, the many perks, the multiple homes (and fabulous vacations) but perhaps the biggest thing that separates an ordinary person from a celebrity is the number on our paychecks.

While words like “recession” and “downslide” continue to pervade our conversations, there’s an elite tier among Hollywood’s biggest stars for whom those concepts have little impact.

Case in point: Matt Damon, who recently joined his good friend George Clooney in a Nespresso ad that only plays overseas. His 20-second appearance reportedly netted the actor a $3 million payday, or if you do the math, $150,000 a second.

That’s quite a lump of cash for far less than a hard day’s work, but he’s not the only star raking in the big bucks with minimal effort. Want to feel worse about yourselves? Find out who else is bringing in the dough by barely lifting a finger: