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'Listen, Listen, Linda!' Toddler's Skillful Debate Goes Viral (Video)

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You’re looking at a future star lawyer.

Three-year-old Mateo Beltran wanted some cupcakes, and didn’t get them. That’s the genesis of the greatest courtroom performance since Gregory Peck played Atticus Finch.

Linda and Kenneth Beltran taught their children their “real” names (as opposed to Mommy and Daddy), and the resulting effect has been that whenever their youngest son wants to get his point across, he addresses them by their first names.

This video of him trying to argue his way out of a talking-to has gone immensely viral, racking up over 4 million views on YouTube – Mateo even appeared on TV with Ellen Degeneres.

The family has since launched a website, Mateo Wants a Cupcake, where you can buy a T-shirt emblazoned with Mateo’s catchphrase, with the proceeds going to his college fund. The kid’s got a bright future.

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