Marla Lehner
September 25, 2009 02:09 PM

Martha Stewart made a public apology to Jessica Simpson Thursday over the loss of the singer’s beloved dog, Daisy.

“I said that she should have been watching her dog more closely, but I feel very, very sorry for anybody that loses a pet,” the master homemaker said on The Martha Stewart Show.

Earlier this month, Stewart seemed to chastise Simpson for not looking out for her dog more carefully after Daisy was snatched by a coyote in front of Simpson’s eyes. But now Stewart has turned more sympathetic.

“Jessica, I hope you find your pet, but if you don’t, I’m really sorry that you lost one,” she added.

The loss of her dog has been hard for Simpson, who thought of Daisy almost as her child, according to friends. “Daisy was her baby,” one pal tells PEOPLE. “It’s going to put her into a tailspin.”

Another source says the singer is “really upset,” but is “focusing on work and spending time with her family and friends.”

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Click here to see photos of Jessica Simpson and Daisy in happier times.

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