Stephen M. Silverman
May 03, 2005 08:00 AM

Martha Stewart showed a bit of leg to TV ad execs on Monday. And underneath her white pantsuit, her audience saw … her gold clogs.

“There’s something under here that I’m not going to show,” said Stewart, 63, who these days is also sporting an unseen electronic monitoring ankle bracelet as part of her house arrest, which runs until August. “Whoever is watching me knows exactly where I am. This is an approved event.”

Stewart and the execs gathered so that she could promote her upcoming syndicated TV show, Martha, set for a Sept. 12 debut in 92 percent of the country, primarily on NBC stations in big cities, the Associated Press reports.

In contrast to her former daytime show, Martha Stewart Living, which enjoyed a 12-year run until Stewart’s run-in with the law (for lying during a federal probe of a stock sale), the new program will air live before an audience and include celebrities and real-life homemakers – whom Stewart plans to surprise by dropping into their homes, according to a video preview.

She also intends to identify and assist “Martha’s Scholars” and introduce segments on young mothers who are also business entrepreneurs.

Said Stewart: “There is a hope on the part of Mark Burnett, my executive producer, that my sense of humor will come out a little bit more.”

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