Todd Peterson
December 22, 2005 10:00 AM

Martha Stewart named Dawna Stone, a 37-year-old magazine publisher from St. Petersburg, Fla., her first and only Apprentice Wednesday night on the reality series bearing the domestic doyenne’s name.

Stone beat out Bethenny Frankel, 34, a chef from New York, to snag what has turned out to be the only apprenticeship that will be offered by Stewart.

In her final task, Stone was charged with organizing a charity fashion show for Liz Claiborne, while Frankel put together a charity show with the Big Apple Circus. Both contestants managed to pull off their events, but not without problems, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

Dawna seemed to delegate much of the work to former contestant Amanda, who rankled Claiborne executives by mispronouncing the designer’s name and barely met the deadlines necessary for the show.

Bethenny had difficulties of her own, micro-managing the wrong things and neglecting her staff.

In the end, Stewart chose Dawna’s practical experience and business acumen over Bethenny’s more creative impulses.

Dawna, who publishes Her Sports magazine, was hired to work at Stewart’s Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for a year. She’ll work with the company’s new magazine, Body+Soul, and receive a $250,000 salary.

But she’ll be the only person fortunate enough to land a position with Stewart’s company that way. NBC’s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, which was modeled on the popular Donald Trump series, struggled mightily through its first season. Midway through, it was announced the show wouldn’t return.

Despite similarities to Trump’s show – both series featured two teams competing in tasks with the loser dispatched to face either Stewart or Trump – Martha’s show never quite clicked with viewers.

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