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Marie Osmond's Son Drug-Free at Time of Suicide

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George Frey/AP

Marie Osmond’s late son had been suffering from depression due to “bad school grades and a visit from a former girlfriend” and a friend said he had attempted suicide three times previously, a coroner’s report released Wednesday reveals.

Michael Bryan, 18, had no drugs in his system at the time he jumped to his death on Feb. 26 from the eighth-floor balcony of his L.A. apartment.

In a suicide note, Bryan “outlined his unhappiness with his life and his intent to kill himself,” according to the report, which offered details of Bryan’s last actions.

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At about 9 p.m. the day he died, Bryan was texting with his friend and neighbor, Ruthann Clawson, saying he “felt like sh-t” and would be home soon. Clawson got a final text from him saying a note was left for her in his apartment. Moments after she found the note, she heard sirens of emergency vehicles arriving and saw his body lying on the sidewalk.

Clawson told investigators that Bryan had previously attempted suicide three times by hanging. His roommate, Tan Eu, also indicated that Bryan had been suffering from an unknown illness in the days prior to his death.

A fashion-school student who did a stint in rehab in 2007, Bryan legally changed his last name from Blosil to Bryan in the months prior to his death due to an estranged relationship with his father.

Bryan, one of the singer’s eight children, was laid to rest in Provo, Utah, on March 8.