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'Manhattanhenge' Is Thursday: Here's How to See It

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Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty

Manhattanhenge returns Thursday night for the first of two 2014 engagements. If you’re in New York City, here’s how best to properly experience Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s astronomical holiday.

1. Be in Manhattan for the sunset. We cannot overstate how important this is. The event is not called Brooklynhenge (though we imagine a band with such a name will be popping up any day now), nor Queenshenge, nor Bronxhenge nor Statenhenge. The setting sun aligns with Manhattan’s street grid only – sorry, outer boroughs.

2. Choose a street. Certain streets are better for this purpose than others. 42nd Street at Tudor City is widely regarded as the best place to see Manhattanhenge, which results in hilarious images like this.

3. Look west. Do not look east.

4. Take out your smartphone. Is there a point to seeing Manhattanhenge and not Instagramming it? No, there is not.

5. Snap an Instagram picture. Just like on a selfie, the filter is crucial. We recommend Sierra or Rise. X-Pro is a little too intense, but Mayfair might give your shot a subtle glow. Only a compete imbecile would use Willow.

6. Sit back, relax and enjoy the likes. With any luck, your Instagram will be included in a blog post the next time Manhattanhenge rolls around!

Don’t believe us? Look at these lucky people:

Good luck, and happy ‘gramming! Remember, if you miss Manhattanhenge on Thursday, you’ll still be able to see it Friday, and on July 11 and 12.

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