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Madonna Would Rather Get Hit by a Train Than Marry Again

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage

If you hear wedding bells anytime in the future, don’t expect to find Madonna there – you’re more likely to see her near the sound of ambulance sirens.

“I think I’d rather get run over by a train,” the said when David Letterman asked her if she’d ever marry again.

On the breakup-prone music star’s eighth appearance on Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday, she discussed her changing personality and marital status.

“Now I’m married, you’re not married. Go figure,” the host joked, while his guest called her eight years married to director Guy Ritchie “the Bush years.”

“It was a good time to be out of America,” she said.

But Madonna, 51, who said she missed certain aspects of marriage – such as sharing the responsibility of caring for the kids – wouldn’t rule out falling in love again and spending the rest of her life with someone.

“I don t know, I’ve lost perspective,” she said. “Do you know?”

“I’m happily married now and will be till the day I die,” Letterman deadpanned in response.

Maybe she’ll find true love in a hockey rink. Joking about the New York Rangers who carried her onto the stage, Letterman ribbed Madonna about her supposed penchant for dating athletes – she once dated former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman, and has been linked to New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

“Have you ever ridden hockey players before?” he asked.

“No, that s the one sport I haven’t investigated,” she joked.