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Madonna Re-Invents, Uplifts in New Show

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Madonna kicked off her worldwide “Re-Invention” tour Monday night at the Los Angeles Forum, singing 22 songs, wearing a variety of outfits including Army fatigues, and performing before video footage that was both religious and uplifting as well as violent and depressing, say reports.

In a crowd that included Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the Material Mom (now also nicknamed Her Madgesty), 45, opened the show wearing a jewel-encrusted corset but changed into combat gear when she sang “American Life” backed up by the sounds of dropping bombs, reports Reuters.

On stage, dancers dressed like soldiers did push-ups and calisthenics as helicopters and infernos blazed on the video screens behind them.

Not on view at any point: a cone-shaped bra. On view at various points: male dancers in plaid skirts, and Hebrew text (reflecting the spiritual teachings of the Kabbalah) displayed in the background of her performances.

Well-received was Madonna’s rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which was accompanied by a video of sick and injured children from around the world.

Monday’s opening came hot on the heels of a report in the London Sun tabloid that Madonna canceled shows in Israel because of death threats directed at her and her family (daughter Lourdes, 7, and son Rocco, 3).

Speaking to New York’s Daily News about the report, Madonna spokesperson Liz Rosenberg says that a Tel Aviv concert had been under consideration “months ago,” but Madonna “never committed to any dates.”

Madonna, however, told Access Hollywood Monday that she had planned to do three concerts in Israel, but had to scrap them “after the death of the Hamas leader. It’s just not a good idea to go.”

And while Madonna’s security team suggested she not go to Israel, Rosenberg told the Daily News: “She never received threats.”

“If I had my way, I’d go,” Madonna told Access.